August 28   my website email is not working at a very bad time they are working on it I will send the note as soon as possible

We are picking bartlett pears, red heart &  friar plums, italian prunes, and white peaches, elberta peaches, italian prunes and gala apples . . Picked fruit available at the market. 


We will have upick over labor day weekend Fri, Sat, Sun and Monday (we have lots of elbertas)

It looks like we will have some nice weather.

see peach page  and upick page for more details


Thompson's Farm 9535 Old Naches Hwy,
Naches, WA 98937
 is a family owned farm specializing in tree ripened fruit. The farm is located on the N.E. corner of Naches, WA. located in central Washington 12 miles west of Yakima. 
When visiting the Yakima Valley travel west
 on Hwy 12  to find Naches.

Thompson's Farm Market is located on Hwy 12 across from Slims Market in Naches.   Our farm is open for upick  during harvest.  Check the upick section for updates because we harvest off an on all summer.   The farm is located at the end of Shafer.  The address is 9535 Old Naches Hwy. Naches
Truckers Welcome

   I will email you if you want during the 
harvest season with updates on
fruit availability
and if you are on the list for cherries you will also get a reminder for other fruits as well
during harvest I update this site more frequently than I send the emails so keep an eye on the site things can get a little crazy during the summer





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