our market on HWY 12 Naches
Our farm is about 1/2 mile from the market

 June 25, 2017
For those of you who need to know the price of cherries picked and upick, it is just too difficult to say.  We have been paying quite a bit more for cherries that we buy for the market but we know that if we say that upick is $2 a lb (and it may be) the market may drop suddenly and we will then drop the price.  We will stay competitive. 
 We have some nice cherries in at the market today. .
 Upick here will  be July 1 and July 2 if we still have cherries, It's difficult to know how many will come to pick.---I do see adds on Craigs list for upick cherries ( I know nothing about these farms) that are available now.
We  have a lighter cherry crop this year here at the farm.  It would be difficult to match last years crop.    If you get an email do not ask to be on the list again you should stay on it as long as I send them, I spend a lot of time trying to re add and I need that time to weed the garden.
 While we will have some bings and rainiers we will not have pie cherries this year, they were hit hard by our spring weather.  We also need to get through a rainy spring which can make growing cherries quite exciting.   .
If you are not on the email list and wish to be,  email me at tomfarm@wolfenet.com to be added. I send emails when we have harvest info so if you only want cherry info you will also get peach and apple info. 


 If you send me a message and you are all ready on the email list please tell me so that I don't try to add you again, I waste alot of time doing that.





Thompson's Farm 9535 Old Naches Hwy,
Naches, WA 98937
 is a family owned farm specializing in tree ripened fruit. The farm is located on the N.E. corner of Naches, WA. located in central Washington 12 miles west of Yakima. 
When visiting the Yakima Valley travel west
 on Hwy 12  to find Naches.

Thompson's Farm Market is located on Hwy 12 across from Slims Market in Naches. The address for the market is 9950 Hwy 12.  Our farm is open for upick  during harvest.  Check the upick section for updates because we harvest off an on all summer.   The farm is located at the end of Shafer.  The address is 9535 Old Naches Hwy. Naches
Truckers Welcome

   I will email you if you want during the 
harvest season with updates on
fruit availability  If you are already on the list this year you will stay on it.  If you do not need these emails there is an unsubscribe available. 
and if you are on the list for cherries you will also get a reminder for other fruits as well
during harvest I update this site more frequently than I send the emails so keep an eye on the site things can get a little crazy during the summer





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